Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Leaf In The WInd

Wow that week went quick! It's been another busy week! Been doing loads of stuff (again)!

Gym: was a failure last week in one sense, as only went to the gym last Tuesday, but spent a good 3 hours there or something ridonculous! Did loads of weights, full body, but not a lot of cardio! Went gym again today, was only there for about an hour, no more than hour and a half, but did lots of cardio :) No other workouts to report, but life has been crazy.... Hopefully that will count?? Lol

My usual gym selfie

Weight loss: So annoyed! Only lost half, so back to where I was the week before I gained 3lbs...... So only half to go until I'm at my 1st half award..... Again..... You watch me stay the same tomorrow!!! Sod's law!!! Mhhhrrrrrr.....

Food & Drink: Don't feel like it was an amazingly good week for food, as need to restock the cupboards a bit again x_X lol not sure what the damage will be, but then I have been incredibly busy this week! Lots of running around....

Writing: Again, not much to report here! But have been very busy sorting out Scentsy basket trials for people again! And also started my vlog as you may have seen the other night....? Hehehe

Sprog's Adventures: We've had some lovely times this week! Wednesday, we went to go visit my friend from uni who lives in Leicester! We didn't get back until 9.30!!! Needless to say, we were late to nursery the next morning..... I also skipped the gym as I was so knackered! This was also because when we got home and I was settling sprog in to bed, I saw that the spider that had been roaming our lounge and kitchen ceilings the last week or so had managed to find its way in to our bedroom, and decided to walk round the wall to above the head of the bed..... I tried to smack it with my shoe, it fell down and I couldn't find it!!!!! *sobs hysterically!!!* The little bugger reappeared on the opposite wall again, so I made sure I got it properly this time... It now serves as a warning to other spiders..... 

 Train selfie! 

 Was a verrrryyyyy long day! I'm surprised she didn't crash before this!

 Sprog enjoying the hot dog she shared with Aunty J at Duck Pond Market

Sprog also had a wonderful time with her dad last week when they went to the Science Museum! Apparently she REALLY didn't want to leave hehehe Saturday, Sprog came with me to pick up a basket from a lady we met through Slimming World, and we ended up spending the rest of the afternoon there! She also twisted my arm in to letting her bring her scooter! *sigh* she really enjoyed herself, especially as I ended up pulling her along on it, and a few times even stood on the back and propelled us both along xD lol that was the rest of my work out the for week haha

 Sprog feeding a goose! 

 Feeding these guys! We were all loving it!

Sunday was a marvelous day as we went to Black Park with Little Nanny, Aunty J and Loki! The Duck Pond Market was also there including with their petting farm! Needless to say I was in my element :') 

Mummy's Adventures: I don't feel like I have too much to report about me this time, as I think I've already said it lol I really enjoyed cuddling all the animals and stuff, and it's stirred a minor passion in me to work with animals again, but still don't know what I want to or ought to do! There's vet nursing I guess, or maybe I could open up a pet shop or something? I don't know Dx I've been so lazy over the weekend as well, well.... Friday I did a big clean up, well didn't take much, but by Saturday morning, it was an absolute tip :( I hate cleaning when it just goes straight back to being messy again :( Lullsbud, I honestly don't know how you do what you do, and all other domestic goddesses out there!!! I'm a domestic engineer, not a technician, I plan what needs to be done and tell people to do it and how xD hahaha still, got baskets in over the weekend, and back out again for trials, one today and one tomorrow :)

Sunday evening saw (pardon the pun.....) me suffer the most horrendous pain since childbirth! Sprog somehow managed to get her finger and nail on my eyeball!!!! :'( it has only just today stopped hurting, thank god!!! But the last 48 hours have been nothing more than painful and uncomfortable!!!

My eye!!!! My poor beautiful eye!!!! Lol!!!

Other Stuff: I sent off my Channel Mum vlog audition video on Saturday night! If you haven't already seen it, please give it a watch and if you can, let me know what you think! :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LW7NVQD4fh8 

Lullsbud also sent her audition vlog too :D hope she doesn't kill me for sharing.... Hehehe but what's not to love??!? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4olqLz0xdo4

Still no homework done for make up! Oh lorrrddd hehehe not really sure I can be bothered now though..... Doesn't feel like I'm doing a real course to be honest :\ I reiterate: I still don't know what I want to do in life! 

We had our hair cut on Thursday! I then dyed my roots :)

Well that's all for now! It's very late, and I'm very tired, and need to be up early for nursery tomorrow!

Nighty night all!!!



Sunday, 19 April 2015

The Snowball Effect.....

Well gosh darn! 
Firstly, I'm very sorry as yet again I've left it so long to post! BUT I do still have very good reason! I'm not gonna lie, the last 3 weeks have been crazy busy! So yet again, I shall continue in the same fashion!

Gym: I didn't quite meet my target in the first week (w/c 6th-12th) of 3 work outs, as we ended up going to the New Forest with the rents for the day instead, which was nice! This last week (w/c 13th-19th) I was on target of 2 workouts as I stayed to IMAGE Therapy at Slimming World :) My fitness is markedly improving as I feel I am able to (and need to!) work harder and longer every time in order to feel like I'm working hard!

 Gym selfie! Arm day.... I hate arm days....

Weight loss: First week, I gained 3lbs, but it was Easter!!!! Plus I'd not long started working out, plus then it turned out to be Star Week anyways, so meh. I didn't care though, I felt amazing as I've been going to the gym and my clothes are feeling so much looser now :D Second week, I lost 2.5lbs, was happy, but it wasn't enough after the previous week..... Aiming to lose just 1lb at next weigh in to get my 1.5st award!!! It WILL be mine!!!
Food & Drink: Feel like I've been on an uphill struggle, trying to climb back on the wagon, but also feel like I'm getting there.... The struggle is in the form of indecision on what to make and eat for meals, not really fancying anything, and also slothism- I cba to cook and clean up! However, today seems to have been a little different, felt really good food wise today, getting food shopping in tends to help with this issue.... And I think having spent a week off not having to cook didn't help either....

This evening's nosh was the best I've made in 3 weeks! 7.5syns for Doritos and Dip with chilli chicken :D I'm a genius!!! Hehehe

Writing: Nothing to report here...... Been too busy (and maybe lazy....) to do writing.

Sprog's Adventures: Sprog has had lots of fun outdoors! She has spent time outdoors almost every day, until the last few days when the weather has turned a bit lame! She's enjoyed herself on her Tuesdays with her daddy, she's had loads of fun at nursery, and she's just generally having a whale of a time! :)

One of our days out- a park in town centre!

Mummy's Adventures: I have mostly been working out on Tuesdays and when Sprog is at nursery, plus trying to tackle housework, etc! However, as well as Sprog, my main focus recently has been absorbed by Scentsy! It has started going sooo so well recently! I posted a little pic in loads of locations all round Facebook, asking for product testers for Scentsy products, I was inundated! Literally! I had over 160 responses! I've since been trying to organise a waiting list and allocate Scentsy trial tester dates for everyone, it's absolute madness! I am also very excited as today I managed to get my first recruit, I have a very promising potential 2nd recruit, and maybe even a 3rd recruit..... We shall see.... :) hehe of course will keep you posted ^_^ From C's party, I just need to distribute 2 more orders, then I'm done for that order :D although I did majorly fudge up on one order..... I ordered the right warmer in the wrong fucking colour! So annoyed at myself :\ but luckily I managed to find another consultant who had the right colour and willing to swap, so now both the warmers are now in transit to each other with a courier, thank goodness! X_x I hope to receive the replacement warmer early this week!

This little thing is an absolute gold mine! :D

Other Stuff: Oh, I had to go Job Centre on Monday for one of those Work Focused Interviews, and I'm not gonna lie, the woman I spoke to had me seething for days afterwards! I left with a headache!!! She was incredibly unprofessional, had terrible customer service skills (including listening!!!), and was also rather patronising!!! She rang a lady to ask about recruitment at the new Asda store I applied to a few weeks earlier as I'd been rejected, and the first 5 minutes of the conversation was spent catching up!!!! THEN!!! Her mobile rang and she fucking answered it!!!! Cos her son was with a childminder and "he's her baby"!!! What about everyone else then? Eurgh!!!! Also, she told me the same information in a parrot like fashion 4 times, of which I'd already emphasised just as many times how on the ball I am, having spent several hours on EVERY recruitment agency website, and benefit calculator website out there, as well as going to loads of separate recruitment websites for the associated stores!!!!! Eeeeuuuurrrrggghhhhh!!!!!!! Breathe..... Just breathe..... Oh god I really got my self worked back up...... Breeaaatheee Sophieeeee.......

I still haven't done any Make Up coursework :S woops hehehe 

I have to send a 2-3 minute vlog clip to Channel Mum as part of my application by 27th April! :D as does Lullsbud

Ok I think that's all from me now, as the time is getting on, I'm knackered as we stayed at my lovely nanny's house last night! :) hehe I will endeavour to stay in better touch this time...... Hehehehe nighty night :) xxxx

 Bus cretins hehehe

Friday saw our first proper lazy day in 3 weeks! Was lush :)

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Just A Quickie........

It has been a week since my last post, and my word has it been busy! I had forgotten that it has only been a week since my last post! I shall bullet point this post for ease of reading and writing...

Gym: I went to the gym twice, and the pool once! I took Wednesday as I was aching so much from Monday and also so that I could stay at SW meeting, went swimming Thursday, and Friday off as I was getting lots of things ready for C's Scentsy party.

Weight loss: I lost 2lbs this week! Hooray!!! Back in new numbers.... Again.... For the third time!!!!

Feeling fiiiiiine

Food and Drink: it's Easter........ Mhhhhrrrrr.......

Writing: haven't done much in the way of writing this week, been too busy again, but my friend B has read it and offered some very helpful suggestions to help me carry on!

Sprog's Adventures: Sprog has absolutely loved her first week at her new nursery, and the staff absolutely love her too, she's good as gold, polite, cheeky and a pleasure to work with! ^_^ She also had a wonderful time with her daddy, nana and grandad at their sleepover on Friday night! They also Skyped me before bed Friday evening which was lovely :') And they spoiled her rotten lol As you probably also know, it has been Easter weekend, so Sprog has been pumped full of chocolate by everyone, I am trying very very hard to limit her daily intake though! Her behaviour really changes after eating very sugary foods :\

Mummy's Adventures: Well, Monday and Tuesday, I felt like I smashed it at the gym, then Wednesday after SW, I still had nearly 2 hours left until I needed to pick Sprog up, so went for a nice Costa and chinwag with my friend, I shall refer to her here as Ni! Haha then picked Sprog up from nursery, bought some activity bits from Tesco, then Ni came round for pizza and dvd's. Thursday was a nice swim, then went to nanny's after nursery for dinner. Friday I dropped Sprog with her daddy, nana and grandad, felt weird leaving her that day as I knew I wasn't going to be picking her up the same day! But had to run around tidying, baking an excellent cake for C's Scentsy party, welcome my friend A, and then after the party, A and I got an Indian take away hehehe! We had a splendid-ish lay in Saturday til 9ish, enjoyed a slow lazy morning, lounging around before getting ready and going in to town for a Nando's x'D oh my this week sounds terrible for food hahaha Woopsie! Sunday we went to nanny's house again for the day and had a lovely Easter Sunday lunch, then after I got Sprog to bed, I had a couple of friends come round to watch a couple of DVDs! :D Today, we went to Big Nanny's house for the afternoon, before coming home to have a Chinese..... Oh my, I am definitely back on plan and in the gym tomorrow! Hehehehe

Guess the movie!!! I played the blondie one in my school show in 2005! :')

 In the car going to Nanny's house! I'm not in the driver's seat, the camera flipped the image!

Scentsy party: For my first proper party where I stand up and talk, it went really well! We managed to get £166 of orders so far, and still waiting on  a possible one or two more :) everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves, and hoping that I may get to book some more parties a bit further down the line :)

The Cake I made... Note "The Cake"!
My display for my party ^_^

Other stuff: Haven't done any work on the make up assignment yet, need to get some materials for it, like carbon paper.... No word from the Channel Mum vlog thing yet either..... Sprog and her daddy and fam also bought me a lovely little watering can planter with a little flowering plant (looks maybe shrubberyish....? Lol Ni) Hope I can care for it ok.... Hehe :) 

I think that just about touches upon everything in our week now :) I'm not looking forward to weigh in on Wednesday, but that's my own damn fault, and I will be smashing it up at the gym straight after I weigh, and I have no excuses for determining a good result the week after!!! Looking forward to Wednesday afternoon, Thursday, and Friday though! Doing lots of stuffs :)

Have a good week everyone!$ Don't forget to +1 or share! :) xXx

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

*Molly Weasley's voice* Where HAVE You Been???!?!?!

Ermergerdddd it's been over a month since I updated!!! D= It has been absolutely mental oriental though! I've been too preoccupied and then tired by other activities in the evenings to write my blog, instead I have been reading The Hunger Games saga and writing up a kind of synopsis to my film project idea thing I had many moons (or 4) ago lol 

 Getting my Nerd on, writing!

I have also been trying new foods as I was getting bored of the same meals I've been cooking, despite this, my weight loss seems to have hit a brick wall, been up and down and all sorts for the last month now, it's coming off a lot slower than it was! But now that Sprog has been going back to nursery, since last Thursday, I've had the time to start going to the gym again (can't remember the last time I went.... Woops...) and also catch up on housework! I really struggle to stay completely on top, besides doing the bare minimum when Sprog's at home all day, as she wants me to spend all the time with her playing, and I start something, then she grabs my hand and says "come on Mummy!" and I say I can't and then I feel bad so I go join in with her for a few minutes, then try to get back to it, then it's back and forth all day, then I'm exhausted and poor Sprog is fed up! :( 

 Slimming World Healthy Extra pancakes, made with wheaty biscuits...

 Felt really good this day, lost 2lbs for that week!

 Latest health fad is fruit infused water! I refill this at least once a day, plus have other drinks too :)

We've had some lovely mini adventures though! One day after SW for instance, we went to the park then to The Waterfall (as Sprog calls it, it's actually a Spoonies in a business and leisure park, where there's a fountain and a couple of little waterfalls, and ducks!) for some lunch instead of straight home, for a change! Then one Saturday, there were all Princess Mum and Daughter activities going on in the shopping centre in town; we met Princess Rosie and had our picture taken with her, then we stood in front of a magic mirror to choose a magical outfit (it was basically a giant camera screen thing that superimposed clothes on us!). Another Saturday, there was a lady doing face painting in town centre, Sprog wanted to be a green butterfly! The lady twisted her arm in to having a couple of other colours too! Teehee I think she's the most beautiful butterfly ever :D

My beautiful butterfly :')

Princesses Sprog, Mummy and Rosie! :D

Having fun in the park!

The duckies at The Waterfall! :)

My Scentsy business has also slowed down a bit, well until a couple of weeks ago anyways when a fabulous friend C booked a party with me! It's this coming Friday! Hooray!!! I have had one or two other orders, but haven't submitted as it's £9 shipping, and split between 2 customers is a bit much :( if I get £150 of orders, shipping is free!

So a couple of weeks ago, it was also Mother's Day, and being the single mummy that I am, my mum has taken it upon herself over the last few years to buy me a gift on Sprog's behalf, however, this year was different! And owing to how well things have been going on handovers, and in general terms, Sprog and her daddy bought me a lovely humungous card and prezzie (and ridiculously huge sized gift bag!) :D I'm a little bit nervous (and maybe teensy bit excited too) as Sprog will be having her first sleepover at her nana's house with her daddy on Friday! She's dead excited, and I'm sure she'll have an absolute whale of a time, but I am going to miss her an insane amount! Especially as it's our first night apart, aside from the 4 nights in 2.5 years where she's stayed with the rents! I'll get her back Saturday though, and I have a friend from uni staying the weekend too, so I won't be home totally alone, which is nice! :)

 My Mother's Day gifts ^_^

Gonna refer back to the first section of this post, about going to the gym, now that Sprog is settled in to her new nursery, and still seeing her daddy every Tuesday, I have no excuse to not go to the gym (or pool) at least twice a week! I will be alternating between 2 and 3 workouts a week, of which one of my days is a Wednesday when I have weigh ins- the weeks where I work out 3 times a week, I will go weigh in, then hit the gym, the other weeks I will stay to the IMAGE therapy meetings after I've weighed! :) Also this week, as Sprog is in nursery or with daddy for 6 days, I have challenged myself to work out 4 times this week! I've been 2 days this week so far (Mon and today) will skip gym tomorrow to stay to SW meeting, then gym Thur and Fri, and if possible, even Saturday morning too! I WILL fit size 10-12 clothes before the year is out!!!!

Oooh another new thing is that F and I both enrolled on an online Level 2 Makeup Artistry course! I'll keep you updated on that! And I just today applied to a vlogging thing for mums... Hehe soooo much going on! :D

I shall leave it there now, as time is getting on, and we need to be up early to take Sprog to her first full day at nursery tomorrow for 8! Thankfully, it's a 5 minute walk away, not like the 20 minute bus ride that had to be caught an hour before nursery starts like how it used to be....! Here's another nice pic of Sprog and me, I love this one :')

 Best Friiieeeeeennnndddsssss :'D

Thanks for reading! I'll try not to leave it so long again this time..... Hehehe xXx

Monday, 23 February 2015

Lazy Days Pass in a Haze

Aha it rhymes x'D oh god I'm so easily pleased, it's tragic haha

A quick update, after a couple of stern worded emails to Sprog's nursery (amidst a couple of argumentative replies! The bloody cheek!), they accepted that I wasn't going to give in to more than 4 weeks' notice, so she now finishes at that nursery on 19th March (she tried to change it to 5 weeks (27th March) being the end of term AFTER stating they're happy to accept 19th as her end date!)

Well, since the Rents got back Friday, we got dropped home by mummy, then I think everyone in the world had an early night! God we were knackered! Lol Saturday was spent in spells of recumbency! Yet even so, the kitchen was somehow cleaned and a couple of others chores were completed. I still felt pretty lousy for being lazy, I always do after the way my laziness spiralled out of control, along with my mood and emotions and everything else for that matter (I refer you to this and this...). Yet, I need to remember how productive I have been the last few days, as I did also stay up until 1am Sunday morning uploading things to eBay and Gumtree (feel free to browse and maybe even purchase, it's the same items on both sites!).

Feeling a little knackered (Just a bit....) and slow and in dire need of coffee, I eventually get up out of bed, as dragged by Sprog! To be fair, she did let me snooze for half an hour while she played a little bit! Can't complain, though it was only 8 when I got up..... 9 would have been much more alleviating.... Just saying, Sprog.... I can read this to her..... Lol such a shame really, I so had my heart set on blitzing my whole flat on Sunday..... Mind you, I still managed to get a fair bit done, despite it all.... Well I hoovered and moved some mess around my room x'D haha I need to get my act together so bad Dx lol I'm getting there now to be fair! Had a lovely day spending quality time with Sprog though! Thanks to Vicky @ SMA creating the #SomethingFun hashtag for Lent, we did lots of lovely things, such as snuggles on the sofa watching tv and dvds, we had a little tea party for lunch, we played with some play dough, and played with some jigsaws!

 Twigs in Tree Fu Tom is voiced by David Tennant.... *swoooon*

Sprog was doing some sort of stretching whilst eating an apple, we're very health conscious here.... Whilst sat on the sofa..... ;-)

 I'm so so proud of this chick, she just finished this jigsaw with a tiny bit of help from me! :')

 A spot of crafty play dough, I made some sweetcorn! x'D

 Posh chicken sandwiches and salad for out tea party lunch, served on my special serving plate!
 The cheeky monkey nicked one of my sammiches after eating all of her own while I went to make the tea quickly!!! I'm still chuckling while I write this x'D

 Sprog did these little bits all on her own after lunch while I was cleaning up!!!! :')

Had a splendid relaxing evening last night though, as I finally made myself start reading The Hunger Games! I knew I would love it, I've missed reading so much! I haven't sat and read a novel since I was at uni in like 1st year! Or maybe the summer between 2nd and 3rd year, I can't remember.... Lol either way, it's been a very long time! One thing I will comment though is that I hope the author changed the editor, there's so many spelling and grammatical errors! I should become an editor I think..... Not that my writing is much better though. x'D lol

However, I still ended up staying up until midnight! I felt once again rather groggy this morning..... I must say though, even the last week, I've managed to not be very snappy and grumpy in the mornings anymore like I used to be! I used to be such a dragon last year after I stayed up until really late! I will most certainly going to bed as soon as I've finished writing this though, I'm knackered! Still, had another splendid day with Sprog, I didn't take her nursery today, after the fiasco and drama of last week... Ha! Did some more tea party ness and sofa tv snuggles hehe then we just played with her toys for a bit, hid under the duvet and stuff, was fun :) despite all the attention, she still couldn't get over the fact I needed to cook dinner so couldn't be glued to her still.... Again. :\ She was very tired though! Yet she still made a bit of a fuss going to bed! Oh gosh, last night she was a right cow, I got royally toddler'd!!! Lol

Well tomorrow is Tuesday, we know what that means, right? I love that Sprog sees her dad on Tuesdays, I can say "see you next Tuesday", or.... "c u next Tuesday"...... Teeheeheehee x'D we don't have to meet him until 1ish tomorrow now though as he has to go to an antenatal appointment with his fiancee...... I'll leave you with that one..... =] of which I think the plan is for me to hang out and go cinema to see Shaun The Sheep with him and Sprog..... Of course I'll keep you updated! Lol x'D lol consorting with the enemy hahaha

Anywho, I really must go to bed now! I'm yawning my head off, I'll end up looking like the Canadians from South Park..... I'm so glad there are apparently no Canadians that seem to read my blog...... Lol 

Nighty night xxxx

P.S. Oh, here's my nails by my friend F =]

F airbrushing my nails! It's a fairly new experience for both of us!

 Et voila! :')

Friday, 20 February 2015

Can't Think Of A Good Title...

Wow what a BUSY week it has been! I'm exhausted! It's been a fabulous week though, so I'm not really complaining! :D hehe

So after Monday, Tuesday was a little bit of a mad rush, as dropped Sprog with her dad, then went to my friend's house (we'll call her F) as she needed to do her nail art coursework on me (I'm a model! LOL!!!) and she wanted to see my Scentsty products (shameless plug teehee). Straight from picking Sprog back up, we went to The Rents' house for dinner and to take over charge of the house for a few days with my sister. My dad took some paintings to the Red Barn gallery in Penrith as they are exhibiting his work for the whole of March and April! :D

Wednesday was an absolutely fabulous day! I lost 2.5lbs at SW this week, and I'm absolutely chuffed! :') then so the antics began! The gorgeous Lullsbud came to visit with her lovely little sprog, and we had the biggest binge on food ever :S woopsie, we went for McDonalds for lunch, then we went cinema to see Peppa Pig and the Golden Boots, we both had nachos as well as our Sprogs' popcorn..... woops..... hehehe then we came back to my Rents' house, and they ended up staying for dinner and we had Pizza Hut Dx hehe

Needless to say, I've felt pretty shit since then.....

Yesterday was very tiring, we had to wake up at Sparrow's fart to take Sprog to nursery, then F picked me up to go back to hers for more nail work :D my nails look lush, she used her airbrush for almost the first time ever, and I've never had airbrushed nails before! Not gonna lie, the pink and black fade looks lush! :D thanks again F! ^_^

When I picked Sprog up, I went and spoke to the admin lady (should have spoke to management) to verbally give Sprog's notice in, to be told it's 3 months notice, not 4 weeks like the FIS had told me!!! Went straight on the phone to FIS, who rang the nursery manager who said it changed from 4 weeks to 3 months for funded placements by way of a signed newsletter! Also, when I've picked Sprog up twice this week, she's been out to play in the rain!!?! She's just got over a cold and comjunctivitis virus!!! So to say the least, even if it means she can't start a new nursery until the spring, she sure as hell won't be going back to her current nursery for very long.....

As for my first Scentsy order, we managed to rack up a bill of £350!!!! That's immense! Looking froward to receiving that order...... My poor little flat will be even more full of boxes.... I must start listing crap on ebay....

Well, I'd better go do some tidying before the rents get back..... Hehehe

Over and out xXx